About Rebill

Rebill (YC W22) is a payments orchestration and recurring billing platform for companies scaling in Latin America.

Rebill integrates with multiple payment gateways and +140 payment methods to enable companies to expand their sales 10x faster and cheaper in Latin America while increasing their payment approval rates by 20%.

It offers total flexibility to manage any recurring billing scenario and provides advanced metrics for any SaaS, e-learning, e-commerce,and insurance company.

Rebill has fundraised 3.6M USD from recognized investors like Tiger Global Management, YCombinator, Soma Capital, SV Angel, Magma Partners, Rally Cap, Arash Ferdowsi (co-founder of Dropbox), Guillermo Rauch (Founder of Vercel), Stefan Jeschonnek & Jan Deepen (co-founders of SumUp), and more.


What technologies do we use?

We are JavaScript freaks, but use any tool in our power to get the work done. We use NODE.JS, ReactJs, MySQL, Github (+Actions), Microservices, GCP and AWS.

We hate reinventing the wheel, but if we think that we can do it better, we just do it.